Own collectibles
on the blockchain
Courtyard provides the infrastructure to securely
tokenize physical assets into NFTs
How It Works

Courtyard  stores physical collectibles in secured vaults and creates a corresponding NFT for each asset. The NFT is a 3D model that acts as a voucher to redeem the underlying asset.
Users have several options: 

Trade their physically-backed NFT on any Polygon compatible marketplace (e.g. OpenSea)

Burn their NFT on Courtyard’s platform to redeem the underlying asset. Pending KYC, Courtyard ships corresponding collectibles globally

Display their valued collection in the Metaverse as NFTs and connect with other collectors

Asset ownership redefined

Additional Liquidity

Remove asset trading friction and fees with physically-backed Courtyard NFTs. No more:

  • Shipping & packaging

  • 3rd party intermediaries

  • Customs & taxes

Courtyard NFTs are instantly tradable across continents and enable access to global marketplaces.

Security & Authenticity

Secure your collection with Brink's. The assets backing your NFTs are stored and insured by the largest security provider in the world.

Automatic authenticity verification on the blockchain at every transaction, no third party fees.

Community of Collectors

Display your verified collection to the world and find your community. 

Discover new markets and bid on hidden collections you never knew existed.

Connect with likeminded collectors and trade like never before.

NFT drops of unique collectibles

We curate a wide variety of collectible assets to tokenize and offer as NFTs. We are starting with graded cards and over time, we will expand the type of collectibles to watches, sneakers, Magic: The Gathering cards, Baseball cards, memorabilia, etc.

Our full collection of physically backed NFTs is already available to trade on the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea.

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